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500 Ski Hill Rd
Driggs, ID, 83422
United States


Physical Therapy, Massage, Counseling and Fitness services in Teton Valley, Idaho.

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// call 208-354-3128 for appointments //

At High Peaks Physical Therapy we pride ourselves on accommodating all patients’ specific needs and providing the very best rehabilitative care. Our therapists cater to the specific needs of each patient’s lifestyle. There are no “one-size-fits-all” therapy prescriptions. Instead each patient is treated as an individual and will get as much face-to-face time with their therapist as needed to realize their health goals. To help provide the best care possible, we adhere to 3 key principles. We provide care in a way that is: Patient Centered, Evidence and Experience Based, and Goal Oriented.

Patient Centered:

Our therapists strive to make personal connections with patients. Together, patients and therapists create a team working toward the common goal of regaining functionality and feeling better. Along with that, we understand that sometimes care cannot wait, and will schedule appointments to accommodate these urgent scenarios – on weekends, outside of business hours, etc. Patients can trust us to have their back (or knee, or shoulder, or hand…).

Evidence and Experience Based:

Continuing education is a huge priority in the physical therapy field. Staying up to date with the latest research can shorten rehab time, increase healing, and improve on existing therapies. Our therapists have diverse backgrounds that have informed an incredible knowledge base to work from and will often combine efforts to reach a  goal.

Goal Oriented:

Teton Valley is a pretty incredible place to live, visit, and play in. Whether your goal is to be able to go about your daily activities free of pain or get back in the mountains after an injury, we listen and adjust our therapies to those goals. No two patients are the same, no two lifestyles are the same, and no two rehabilitation goals are the same. Therapists at High Peaks break down the causes of certain ailments and examine the target areas that will get you back to doing what you love in the place you love.