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500 Ski Hill Rd
Driggs, ID, 83422
United States


Physical Therapy, Massage, Counseling and Fitness services in Teton Valley, Idaho.



High Peaks was the first physical therapy clinic in Teton Valley and since then our therapists have garnered a wide variety of skills to treat patients. 

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+ Manual therapy

The most fundamental skill in a physical therapist's arsenal is the ability to use their hands to manipulate muscles and joints. This treatment not only assists flexibility and healing, but allows the therapist to feel the damaged tissues and identify precisely the correct course of treatment. Manual therapy reduces inflammation, increases range of motion, and improves joint and muscle function.

+ Therapeutic exercise

Thanks to our unique facility, High Peaks has a larger than normal capacity to facilitate patient exercise. Therapeutic exercise is guided by our physical therapists to guide the healing process, prevent injury, increase range of motion, and increase strength. The benefits of exercise are innumerable, and injury can often disrupt regular exercise routines. Our patients get free access to the full gym whenever they want to work out and our PTs will provide unique instruction and exercise routines for each patient.

+ Gait Training

Gait training empowers recently injured patients by giving them back the ability to move and walk. A large host of injuries will require gait training for rehabilitation as it strengthens muscles, improves balance and endurance, corrects posture, and prevents falls. Gait training utilizes manual therapy techniques and machines like treadmills to allow patients to regain their mobility.

+ Electrical Stimulation

A technique borrowed from Dr. Frankenstein MD, electrical stimulation involves placing electrodes on injured tissues that are connected to a small machine. The machine runs a mild, painless electrical current through the tissue to decrease inflammation and pain, reduce muscle spasms, and prevent muscular atrophy. Electrical stimulation is an essential tool to expedite the healing process and manage the transition between other types of therapies.

+ Ultrasound Treatment

Our therapists utilize sound waves to massage tissues. These high frequency waves vibrate tissues and generate heat inside tissues to increase blood flow and assist with healing - though no heat is felt by patients. Ultrasound reduces swelling, alleviates inflammation, relaxes tissues, and breaks down scar tissue.

+ Kinesiotape

Our therapists are trained in the techniques of applying kinesiotape - a latex-free tape that facilitates healing and is wearable for days. The tape naturally constricts to lift and support joints and muscles and assist with blood flow. Plus, it comes in flashy colors.

+ Functional Activities

A vital part of the physical therapy process is ensuring that patients can get back to their daily lives. That's where functional activities come in. Our therapists guide patients in activities that will assist with their lifestyle. Examples include ensuring an elderly person can get in and out of their car without pain, or allowing a skier to build the correct muscles to hit the slopes again. These activities are highly individualized for each patient with the goal that they can get back to their regular functions.

+ Orthotics

The human body is like an amazing piece of architecture. And, like architecture, problems higher up usually have something to do with parts lower down. Othotics are special foot-beds designed to contour to and provide support for our feet. The support provided by orthotics can relieve knee, hip, back, and even neck pain. By providing arch support, the foot-beds help ensure that weight is properly distributed in the feet, which aligns other joints to make sure they line up to support the rest of a patient's body.

+ Iontophoresis

This process uses electronic stimulation to deliver medication directly into the tissues to assist with healing. It is effective in treating inflammatory and overuse injuries, along with assisting in general healing.


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